Over 30 yrs / 7 salons and tons of happy clients. I've been specializing in Quality Hair growth and Quality hair care daily.

 Professional Hair educator in NewYork and Atlanta  Specializing in Hair restoration services,

I am not your typical Barber / stylist {which is why were called 24 hr salon}. I have Over 30 years of experience in  Hair education, Chemical process and  growth techniques.  

The Art of shear cutting is My foundation because My belief is that all unique styles will begin with a great Shear or Razor cut , adding volume, texture, and creativity to any style.   

Tons of  barbers think that because you can use a razor and spray dye on a clients head that qualifies you for true craftsman ship. not. 

Ive trained over 100 barbers in not only barbering but hair issues.

QUESTION? why is your hair not growing when you've been going to them for 2 years? do you know? most barbers have no idea about what a growth pattern is. what chemicals are effecting the skin , and blood follicle within the hair stem.

You don't learn these things within 9 months of school ,you learn these things with years of experience, working on film sets in major cities and mainly by listening to the elders that have been doing this for years along with understanding chemical processing. Ive worked with top stylist in New York and what barbers don't understand is that  the same things women need to stabilize growth in the hair follicle is the same thing men need. Hair education is what I bring to your table , education is what you will receive.  

                           OK. TRULY WHAT MAKES A GREAT HAIRCUT?


The fundamentals of a great look starts with a great cut.  At the 24 hr salon I will combine extraordinary technical ability with an eye for the individuality of each of my clients. I focus on the total Image to provide you with the perfect cut for your distinctive style. A beautiful hair cut has everything to do with the proportion of your face, the shape of your head, and the harmony and contrast of both. I care about the way you feel and your overall appearance which makes Me different than any other  barber location.  Visit me by calling to schedule your appointment at my Barber suite located in my warehouse in Stone mountain Ga and I will create the look that will give you the confidence to win . Image is everything!                                                                       


                                                                                  * PLEASE READ * 


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